Sweet Sixteen 2018

With perpetual spring on the mind, garden season 2018 ushered in a mild, wet February which gave chase to severe flooding in urban and rural areas alike after a massive snowfall followed by a quick melt off with torrents of rain.  The levels of water higher than the likes of this area had ever seen before.  Wishful thinking had me pondering the plans for renovating  the side courtyard here at home, a project long overdue.  A fine muck of soil, that thankfully drained away from the house foundation, kept a constant trail of muddy paw and shoe prints across the kitchen floor.  Restoration was in order here too.  In place of poured concrete stairs, perfectly hewn rock faced limestone treads were installed and embellished with warm rustic Chilton ledgestones.  The seemingly sweet little indulgence was a much needed necessity  for ease and safety of foot traffic flow.  Impeccably laid stairs are a beautiful sight to behold; an art form from ages of old, a guild of it’s own.
Some may say I have put the cart before the horse in planting up our new courtyard garden.  Not here though.  The stairs were in, mortar was dry, paths marked, gravel tamped and weather ideal. All that is missing is the flagstone walkway and patio.  I couldn’t pass up a good greenhouse  sale though.  It’s like a fabric store to the quilter, a quarry to the stonemason, or the infinite possible forms a piece of rock is to the sculptor.  The plants went in and rest of work to be finished next year.  All good things come to those who wait I suppose.  I am more than thankful for this years good work given to me, the friends that help along the way and look forward to where the path may lead in the year to come.
Some say there are many forms of love, and at October’s end, I loved gazing upon the late blooming mirage of perennials; blurring the lines of perspective where the soul is at peace and all comes to a point on a path that is yet to be laid.  I can see it now, a thousand years of evolution in rose hued sandstone.  It is the ideal compliment to Echinacea Rainbow Marcella, burgundy tones of Sedum Telephiun and the coral bells of Penstemon.  Add a splash of blue Salvia Officinalis and all is well.

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