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Sweet Sixteen 2018

With perpetual spring on the mind, garden season 2018 ushered in a mild, wet February which gave chase to severe flooding in urban and rural areas alike after a massive snowfall followed by a quick melt off with torrents of rain.  The levels of water higher than the likes of this area had ever seen before.  […]

Rays of Hope 2017

In a frenzy of design and installation, 27 trees, 179 shrubs, 467 perennials, 700 annuals and 980 bulbs were planted for a total of 2,353 specimens this year.  Normally not one to boast but that’s a whole lot of digging. Entering the 16th year of this profession proved a bit challenging with my resume’ reading […]

Potential. Winter 2016

Garden season 2016 was an ascendancy of landscape projects completed and some still in the works for 2017.  Successful and fulfilling none the less.  In all, it’s befitting to quote the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: “To laugh often and much; To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; To earn […]

Winter 2015

As the proverbial adage says:  “A gardeners work is never done.”   There is truth to this as it extends to all facets of life beyond the garden.  With a list the size of St. Nick’s that seems to keep growing, the mild fall and start of winter provided a much needed opportunity to winterize gardens and […]


Spring 2015 is emerging with the hope and renewal of a season more mild than last year. Nature teaches us that patience is more that a virtue, but a deep sense of belief that life willcontinue on. In Michigan, the quiet of winter brings forth time to reflect, take inventory and plan the landscapes for […]